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Build & Maintain A Successful Eyelash Extensions Business
Building a Safe and Successful Eyelash Extensions Business with “Elite Eyelash” of Pure Products Inc. We introduce Elite Eyelash Extensions that We used Eyelash Glue of a level for medical care of the highest grade for. Our products are made in Japan. We introduce new products such as eyelash perm / the professional mascara which is last longing over 2 weeks. We also explain that what is the important things to increase sales.

"NEW M.D.Grade Lash Adhesive-Jet Black (10ml)"
Odorless, with a strong bond, it’s dry fast and longevity. You can attach an extension in the state that a customer opened eyes.

"Strength Primer Lash Adhesive Enhancer (20ml)"
Eliminates crystallization and stabilizes glue the perfect consistency for optimum product performance. Holds tight and prevents lifting.

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